Here are some images from a great day I recently had shooting with the ultra-talented Grammy Award winning artist Skylar Grey for SICKY EYEWEAR! Go to for the whole story and to see Sicky's Line of meticulously perfected eyewear designed in Malibu California and hand-crafted in Italy and Japan. It is a unique pleasure for me to now call Skylar a fellow sicky crew "family" member.  

Fashion Stylist: Britten Park  //  Hair Stylist: Bobby Eliot  //  Make Up: Jenna Kristina //

Art Direction: Ashley Montague  //  DJ: GNASH  //  Video Director: Matthew Vaughan 


One of my favorite aspects of shooting may seem obvious to say out loud but it is constantly getting to work with talent like Lily. There is something electrifying about certain individuals whose presence is carried not only through their appearance but by a certain attitude or energy that adds to everyone’s creative process. When the dynamic is working well, the model is not a mannequin (pardon my french), but a collaborator.  I caught up with Lily Dale from NEXT models in Malibu California for a shoot styled by Kimberly Bennett featuring pieces thanks to Tasi Malibu and Sicky Eyewear hair and Makeup by Tami Shirley.  Here are some photos:


Last week in Miami was a blast! This was my first time showing there and feel grateful for the opportunity. What an amazing experience. Here are a few snapshots to paint a picture. I was showing large scale figurative photo-collage constructions; part of an ongoing series of painterly work. Miami was all about meeting amazing people, seeing phenomenal artwork, and of course, showing my own pieces with major thanks to Debra Brehmer, owner of the Portrait Society Gallery hailing from my home town milwaukee (she exhibited at aqua, a satellite fair of art basel)! To see the work that I exhibit in galleries please visit the Nadav Benjamin Projects website click here !! for the portrait society click here